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Dolphins Fire Head Coach Joe Philbin

October 06, 2015

The Miami Dolphins came into the 2015 season with the expectation of not only making the playoffs, but contending in the AFC East.

But after starting the season with a win at the Washington Redskins, the Dolphins have been in a downward spiral, dropping three contests in a row by a combined 43 points to the Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills and New York Jets. The team’s once promising...Read More

Ryan Tannehill: Miami Dolphins Cornerstone

September 03, 2015

The definition of the word “cornerstone” is as follows:

1. a stone that forms the base of a corner of a building, joining two walls.

2. an important quality or feature on which a particular thing depends or is based.

Common synonyms are: foundation, basis, keystone, mainstay, bedrock, backbone, key centerpiece, core, heart, center, crux.

With that def...Read More

Player Profile: Dustin Keller

August 15, 2013

There are many new faces within the Miami Dolphins organization this year, and each one comes with a set of hopes and expectations attached to their arrivals. And while they all have one thing in common, being that they all signed with Miami in the offseason in hopes of making the Dolphins a championship contender, each one has a unique story and path that brought them to all to this particular po...Read More

Player Profile: Mike Wallace

August 08, 2013

When it comes to sports, there are some guys who are content to be role players – and then there’s Mike Wallace. Wallace has never been one to settle for mediocrity, and his work ethic and drive have gotten him to the place he is today, as one of the most valued wide receivers in the NFL.

Wallace made a late-game switch coming out of high school – he had originally si...Read More

Player Profile: Dannell Ellerbe

July 29, 2013

Dannell Ellerbe has come a long way from his days as an undrafted free agent at the University of Georgia. From Super Bowl Champion to one of this offseason’s most coveted free agents, Ellerbe has risen quickly among the NFL ranks and hopes to continue that climb with the Miami Dolphins.

Despite earning Second Team All-SEC honors at the University of Georgia, Ellerbe was thought...Read More

Player Profile: Ricky Williams

September 14, 2010

Arguably one of the most talented and colorful running backs in the National Football League (NFL), Ricky Williams has set records since he stepped foot on professional football turf first for the New Orleans Saints and more recently the Miami Dolphins. Hailing from San Diego, California, Williams showed promise as a baseball and football player. Out of high school, the Philadelphia Phillies dr...Read More